How to start a tie-dye business?

How to start a tie-dye business and should you?

If you’re here, you’re probably considering the idea of starting your very own tie-dye business. Your thinking about dyeing clothes and reselling them while making good money. If you’re someone who has a keen interest in tie-dye and who has a sense for business, this could be an idea for you. With planning and research you will be able to turn your talent into a lucrative business, but only with great effort and passion.

Now everyone has their own idea of what they want to accomplish with tie-dye. Some people like to keep their creations to themselves, some like to give them to family and friends and others are keen to earn a profit by selling their art. There is nothing wrong with any of these scenarios. What you have to consider is that the requirements for each are vastly different.

The market of tie-dye is very complex, with the best artists able to
earn a great profit margin per item and beginners having trouble getting
started. This is not a surprise that the best pieces go first and the
regular, common shirts have trouble selling reliably. Even non-artist
can recognize the talent and effort that went behind the best tie-dye
pieces. Do not expect to make high grade art in the first few weeks of
starting your training.

If you’re able to keep at it for a few years it’s when it starts getting really interesting. With only a few years of training, a dedicated person can very well attain the rank of expert and start charging a fair bit of change for every shirt they cook up. Simply dyeing clothing in general is a very valuable skill that can be used in the industry as a whole, you don’t have to limit yourself to tie-dye, there is plenty of work to be done in commercial dyeing and printing. This is a stepping stone to the entire textile industry that is one of the biggest in the world

There are many things to consider when starting a tie-dye business. Just like any business there are costs and procedures you need to go through in order to succeed in the long term. If you are reading this then you have an immense advantage over use. When we started there was no guide detailing the process of successfully starting and maintaining a legitimate tie-dye clothing company.

Tie-dye can be a very guarded industry, especially at higher skill levels where masters will categorically refuse to show you their techniques until you get a certain level of experience yourself. When you are in contact with a master and he deems you worthy he may show you a trick or two. 

Fledgling artists can spend valuable time and money trying everything they can to develop new and exciting techniques and production methods.

On the other hand, training up to a suitable level can be very quick, especially if you are a determined person. When my friend and I started we had no idea what was in store for us. We couldn’t have predicted that tie-dye would take such a big part of our lives. We didn’t even know what it was at the time, but we immediately got sucked into its world the moment we opened our first tie-dye shirts. There were not that great, but we were still extremely satisfied. It didn’t matter if the colors were dull or the lines crooked, at that moment all we could see was the sheer potential.

The second we laid eyes on the shirts we had done our minds went into hyper speed trying to think up how we could do it again ever better. We quickly realized how vast and deep tie-dye could be as an art. We never considered ourselves as artists, but all it took was one tie-dye shirt to completely change our perspective. If you had a similar experience or want to learn to love it just as much as we do, you are the perfect candidate to consider this as an opportunity.

It sounds like a glamorous business, but the truth is that it can absolutely be, only you have to go through the grind and learn the best practices. Do not expect to begin your career the day you start dyeing. You can sell to friends and family at the start, but do not expect to turn it into a full-time occupation until you have a decent fan base.

I cannot recommend this enough if you are not searching for a full-time business, but are looking at making a bit of money on the weeknights while having fun. The biggest advantage of this endeavor is that for the most part it doesn’t feel like a chore. You can happily explore and go deeper into your art, elevating your art skills with a smile on your face.

Tie-dye is best as a business when you have all the fun of doing it and not the head-scratching of having to actually support your life expenses. This is a great way to make pocket money and spread joy among your group of friends, but takes a lot of time and commitment if you want to live off of it.

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