Privacy policy

At, your privacy and your personal information is important. Here is the information about the types of personal information we receive from your use of this website. This information is collected automatically when you use and visit

Here is how we do everything we can to safeguard your information. Most importantly, we never have and never will sell personal information to third parties.

Who we are

We are Chandye
Our website address is
We can be contacted at

What data we can collect why we may collect it


When visitors leave comments on the website we collect the data shown in the comments form. Comments themselves, the visitor’s IP address and browser user agent string is collected to help with spam detection.

An anonymous string of data is created from your email address. After your comment is approved, your profile picture is visible to the public in the context of your comment such as an avatar. This is only true if you set an avatar picture.

We do not collect any email address from the comments form for use in email list. You will not be subscribed to a newsletter or email list if you don’t wish to. We never have and never will sell email addresses or any information relating to them to third parties.


Users are not usually able to upload images or any files of media to this website. However, if you do upload images to the website, please keep in mind that you should not upload any images or pictures with location data embedded in the data. Visitors to the website can download these pictures and extract the location data from the pictures on the website if you do not strip this information first.

Contact forms

When you write a contact form on we will collect the date you enter into the contact form. If the form asks for your information, like name, email, or any other personal information, this information is sent to us with your message via email. This data is only kept —including your email address— until we are able to respond to your message.

Email addresses that you write in contact forms are never used by us for any other purpose. We never sell email information to third parties.

Log files

As with all websites, we collect and use the data inside log files. The log files includes your Internet protocol address and your Internet service provider It also includes the browser you used to log onto our site, the time you visited the site and which pages you visited.

Advertising is affiliated for the purpose of placing advertising on the website. The affiliate partner will collect and use certain data for advertising reasons as per their data policies.

Cookies and beacons

We use third-party advertising on to monetarily support the site. Some of these ads provider may use cookies and web beacons when advertising on the site. This sends the advertiser information including your Internet protocol address and your Internet Service Provider. This is used mainly for targeting you based on geolocation. You can disable and turn off your cookies in your browser settings if you wish to.

If you have an account on this site, we will send a cookie when you log in to determine if your browser can accept cookies. This is a passive cookie that has no personal data and is destroyed when you close the browser.

When you log in to the site, we will send cookies to save your information for future login if you wish so. These cookies can last for two days. If you select “Remember Me” option, your cookie will persist for two weeks.

Content from other websites embedded on this site

Pages on the site may have embedded content in it. For example you may see videos, pictures or images embedded content from partner websites. The content behaves in the same way as if you had visited the other site you when you interact with this content.

The websites may collect data about your use. They can send cookies, and add additional third-party tracking within the embedded content. They can trace your interactions with the content if you have an account with their site and are logged into that website.


When you use this site, the website automatically collects your usage date with technology from Google Analytics. It is to collect information related to your device, actions in the browser, and the patterns of action. This includes data about where you are accessing the site from and how you use the website. The technology collects the data about the computer you use to access the website. Your Internet connection and your IP address and also collected as well as what operating system and browser you’re using.

This information is collected for the purpose of statistical analysis and we don’t collect the personal information this way. The only reason to use this technology is to improve the website and the offers we give.

Who we share your data with

We do not ever sell or share your personal data with anyone. If you voluntarily give us your email for the purpose of newsletter we may use another party to store the email address.

How long the data is retained

If you leave a comment, the comment itself and its metadata are kept indefinitely. This is only so we can recognized if you left a prior comment to see if you’re authorized.

For anyone user that will register to the website, we can store the information the users write in their profile. The users can see, modify and delete their information at any time.

What rights you have over your personal data

Having an account on this site or leaving a comment you can request and get a file exported of the informational data we may have about you. This can include the data you have given to us. You can ask to erase personal data about you.

Where we send your data

The comments may be checked by automated spam detection robots.

Contact Information

If you have any question about your data and information, message us at

We protect your data uses secure software for all financial transactions. No financial information is kept in any way or stored at