Multi-pattern tutorial


Multi-pattern is a fancy of saying that you use multiple distinct techniques on the same piece. It can be multiple unique spiral, as it can be a spiral surrounded by crumple, or any technique or combination of technique. In theory there isn’t really a limit to how many different patterns you can put on the same shirt.

You can tie-dye all the different patterns at the same time or you can do them one at a time. The multi-pattern doesn’t typically overlap the patterns or the colors, if you do it would be considered an overdye

Now if all of this wasn’t complicated enough, I will let you in on a very interesting piece of information. You can already imagine all the different ways you could possibly tie-dye a shirt. The next step to level up your tie-dye and become and expert is to try your hand at making a multi-pattern.

The special technique of the multi-pattern involves the folding of the shirt in multiple different ways on the same piece of fabric. This technique is often seen on a tapestry, but can be achieved on a shirt as well. The multi-pattern technique is accomplished by folding, for example, three spirals, each one at a different point on the shirt.

You can imagine that it can become quite difficult to fold multiple folding techniques on the same shirt. You are right in thinking that it can be complicated and the different techniques will interfere with one another. If you think the multi-pattern is a neat technique, you will be surprised to know that there are even more advanced tie-dye techniques.

One of the most mind-opening moment for me was when I realized that you can actually control and place the folds by yourself so, in a way, you could in theory fold the exact same spiral multiple times. Let’s not get too involved in the folding for now, we still have much to do.The process of tie-dye is to apply a pattern to a fabric.

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We are Samuel and Francis. About two years ago we bought our first tools and supplies for tie-dyeing. Ever since then we’ve been learning the skills of folding and dyeing in intricate ways. We’ve learned from our experiences on the field about what techniques works and what doesn’t. This is the site were we share everything we’ve learned.


This is our collection of all the multi-patterns we’ve recorded so far.

Each pattern you see here comes with it’s own video where we show how to fold and dye the design.

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Spiral X Crumple

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