Where can you buy dyes for tie-dye?

Where can you buy dyes for tie-dye?

There’s nothing worse than wanting to tie-dye but not having the means to do it. You are ready and willing but there’s only one thing missing : you don’t have dyes. Where do you actually purchase these dyes? What if you’re not in the United States and you have trouble finding them? We have compiled this list of dye vendors to help you find what you need to start your tie-dye journey no matter where you are in the world. This will ensure you with responsiveness and fast shipping times.

Many of these companies offer dyes, as well as other tie-dye supplies like soda ash, fabric, bottles, alginate, sinew, and more. Most of the companies listed accept orders on their website and all have order quantities suitable for home dyers. We invite you to check out the companies that are closer to your geographical location so the shipping is cheaper. If there are no such companies nearby you can always rely on the large North American suppliers that ship internationally.

North America

Since the continent is so vast we have separated it between east and west coast to make sure you have the best shipping times. Buy your dyes here if you are from the United States or Canada. We have bought from and can personally vouch for PRO chemical & dye located on the east coast and Dharma Trading located on the west coast.

East coast

Company : PRO chemical & dye
Email : promail@prochemical.com
Address : 126 Shove St. | Fall River, MA 02724

PRO chemical and dye is a manufacturer of dyes, this company ships internationally, it also has a selection of supplies.

Company : G&S Dye
Email : sales@gsdye.com
Address : 250 Dundas Sr. W., Unit #8 | Toronto, Ontario M5T 2Z5

The only large retailer we know of that is based in Canada. They have dyes, fabrics and supplies.

West coast

Company : Dharma Trading
Email : service@dharmatrading.com
: 1604 Fourth St. | San Rafael, CA 94901

Dharma Trading is a manufacturer of dyes and ship internationally, they have a great selection of supplies and dye colors. You will find everything you need here.

Company : Colorado Wholesale Dye Corp.
Email : questions@bestdye.com
Address : 5682 S. Cedar St. | Littleton, CO 80120

This company is in Colorado so it’s well located to sell in central United States, it offers everything from dyes to fabric, auxiliary chemicals, and other supplies.


We don’t have vendors for every country in Europe, but companies are usually pretty good at selling and shipping inside the European Union so you shouldn’t have any problem getting your dyes in time.

United Kingdom

Company : To Dye For
Email : hello@todyefor.co.uk
Address : 221 Dialstone Lane | Stockport SK2 7LF

This company offers custom dyeing, as well as dyes, fabrics and auxiliary chemicals.


Company : Teinture Textile
Email : teinturedesign@gmail.com
Address : 84 Rue de Marquillies B402 | 59000 Lille

The company only seems to offer dyes. The website is written in French.


Company : Patchwork-Pro
Email : info@patchwork-pro.de
Address : Am Hafen 34, 38112 Braunschweig

This company offers dyes and supplies, the site is written in German.


We didn’t find many companies selling dyes, especially in continental Asia. What we did find however are two amazing companies in the Philippines that sell tie-dye supplies as well as finished products. These two companies feature talented artists and are worth checking out.


Company : Trippy dyes
Email : jeannediwata@gmail.com
Address : Santolan, Pasig City

Family-run company, they offer dyes, blank shirts, and other supplies. They also make and sell their own tie-dye shirts.

Company : Tali at Kulay
Email : taliatkulay@gmail.com
Address : Pulilan Regional Rd, Pulilan, Bulacan, Philippines

Another family-run company that offers everything from dyes to supplies. They also have ready-made tie-dye clothing.


Company : Cosmonaut Chemicals
Address : B-610/611, Ganesh Palaza Ahmedabad | 380 009, Gujarat

While this company has a website, you will need to call them to place an order. They offer a range of dyes.


We found only one retail seller of fiber-reactive dyes in the Oceania region, more specifically in Australia. The company seems reliable.


Company : Kraftkolour
Email : info@kraftkolour.com.au
Address : Whittlesea | Victoria 3757

The company Kraftkolour ships internationally, has a good selection of supplies and a large selection of silk fabric.

South Africa

We had trouble finding a dye seller in Africa, but the one we found seems reliable and has been in business for a few years.

Company : The Craft Connexion
: info@thecraftconnexion.com
Address : 37 Voortrekker Avenue | Edenvale, 1609

They offer dyes and fixative, but do not seem to sell other supplies like bottles or string.

Final thoughts

If you didn’t find a dye seller near you, keep in mind that most major companies will ship internationally. This will inflate the cost if you live far away so you may need to order larger quantities to make up for it. We hope that the market for dyes will become more decentralized in the future and that every region of the glove will have an easy and abundant supply.

In some parts of the world we didn’t find nearly as many reliable dye suppliers as we would have liked. There seems to be a lack of companies especially in South America, continental Europe and in regions of Asia. The language barrier also added to the difficulty of our research, so maybe there are companies that we just weren’t able to locate. If you know companies in these regions that we missed, please let us know so we can add them to the list.

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