Can you dye your hair with a tie-dye kit?

Can you dye your hair with a tie-dye kit?

You may have some spare dye in your kit and you’re wondering : “hey this can dye my clothes, but can I also use the dyes to color my hair?”. If you’ve wondering that, we’ve got the answer for you. It’s a good thing you went and looked for the answer before doing it. Continue reading to learn how to color your hair in bright beautiful colors and how it’s not a good idea to do it with the dyes found in tie-dye kits and you may find that they are hard to rinse off.

It turns out, as much as you can try dyeing your hair with fiber-reactive dyes, which are the common dyes that you get in a kit, you shouldn’t do it. The reason which you should abstain from trying this homemade recipe are that it may stain permanently and it may damage your hair. We definitely advise going another route and using specially made products for dyeing your hair.

What our research tells us is that the way the dyes work could make it so they permanently attach to your hair fibers. Imagine if you couldn’t get it off and you needed to cut your hair to remove the color! This is one of the reason why we don’t advise you try to color your hair with a tie-dye kit. The way the dye works is that is exchanges a molecule of color and gives it to the fibers via a reaction with soda ash. This makes it so the molecule will attach chemically and permanently to the hair and make it so you cannot wash it off afterwards. Fiber-reactive dyes really are only made to color clothing.

Another reason why you shouldn’t take dyes made for fabric and using them for other purposes is that the process may very well damage the thing you are trying to dye. Your hair is very fragile and can be affected even by mild chemical products. Imagine now that you are introducing dyes and soda to the mix! The dyes themselves may not damage the hair fibers, but the soda ash certainly can. The soda solution is alkaline and can affect hair in unexpected ways. You wouldn’t want to run the risk of damaging your hair even if it means pretty colors.

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How can I color my hair in tie-dye colors?

If you want to have a head full of colors that can resemble a tie-dye shirt, you can either do it yourself with products you buy in store that are made specifically for dyeing hair. These products can be easily bought in stores or online and are totally safer than using tie-dye dyes. While it can be challenging to do it yourself, we suggest in this case to go see a professional hair stylist.

A proper tie-dye hairstyle will involve using a lot of different contrasting colors to make for a vibrant and head-turning look. You can be sure that if you sport such a hairstyle you will be the most seen person in the city.

If you decide to go this route, you can find a hair stylist and tell them exactly what you want. Maybe you can show them this video that shows you a tutorial on how to dye your hair in tie-dye colors, and it sure is beautiful!

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