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This document on standard terms of use written here on this website page manages the use of our website, Chandye at www.chandye.com.

The terms are applied fully and affect the use of this Website. When you use this site, you agreed to all terms and conditions written on this page. You cannot use the site if you disagree with the terms.

People below 18 years old are not allowed to use this site.


This site is where chandye.com and its owner can share information and experiences about research with enthusiasts worldwide. We are not professional lawyers, doctors, or otherwise expert in any domain relating to your finance, health or safety.

If there is no mention of an expert-written piece on the content, you can and should assume that the content is our opinions and for entertainment only.

The information in general is provided not to be a substitute for a professional diagnosis, or treatment. You should always ask the advice of a doctor or qualified person for any questions relating to your health of safety.

When you use this site you agree to not hold chandye.com or its owner, responsible for actions taken by you, failed or otherwise because of the information contained here on this website.

Intellectual property rights

chandye.com owns all the intellectual property rights for the material contained on this site.

You are given a limited and temporary license to only use the material for viewing only and not sharing.

For all we know, and with the knowledge we have, we can say that the material presented on this site is original and is not an infraction on the intellectual property of others. If you think that there is a violation of rights with the material presented, please contact us at info@chandye.com.

Fair Use

The site here present may use media with a fair use doctrine. If that’s the case, then chandye.com nor it’s owner can claim the ownership of the material.

The fair use allowance is made with “fair use” in mind such as criticism, comment, reporting, teaching, and for research purposes.

The fair use allows limited use of copyrighted material. We do not need under this doctrine required to ask permission from the holders of rights. We can use for uses such as for commentary, criticism, or teaching.

The restrictions

You are forbidden from doing the following:

    Publish any content or material found on this site;
    Sell, license, or otherwise commercialize any site material;
    Use this site in any way damaging to this site;
    Use the website to impact user access and enjoyment of this site;
    Use the site contrary to laws and regulations.
    Engage in data mine, harvesting, or similar activity;
    Use this site for any advertising or marketing.

Some pages or areas on this site may be restricted at any for any reason from being accessed by you. chandye.com can restrict access by you to any material of this site, with absolute discretion. Any password you have at this site are confidential and you must keep this confidentiality yourself as well.

Your Content

“Your content” is all audio, video text, images or any material you display on this site. By doing so, you give chandye.com license to use, reproduce, adapt, and distribute the content.

The content you display must be yours. chandye.com reserves the right to remove any content from this site at any time.

No warranties

The website here is made with “as is” in mind with all its faults. chandye.com do not express any warranties of any kind related to this site or the information or material inside the site. contained on this Website.

Limitation of Liability

Never should you hold chandye.com, or any employee or representative, liable for anything coming from this site.  chandye.com, and its owner, shall not be held liable for any indirect, or special concern in any way related to you using this site or the information in the site.


You indemnify chandye.com to the fullest extant from any and against any and all liabilities, costs, and demands, for anything you did related to your breach of any terms.

Variation of Terms

chandye.com can revise the terms and condition any time they see fit. When you use this website you are expected to review to review the terms regularly to keep up to date.


chandye.com can and is allowed to assign and transfer, its rights and obligations under the terms without notification. You are not allowed to assign, transfer, any of your rights and obligations under the terms.

Entire Agreement

The terms constitute the agreement between chandye.com and you.In relation to using this site, these terms supersede all prior agreements.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

The terms here within are to be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the United States. You must submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the state for the resolution of any disputes.