100+ Tie-dye Patterns and Ideas

If you’re searching for tie-dye patterns you’re at the right place. This page contains over one hundred videos showcasing some of the most stunning tie-dye designs. If you’re new to the craft and be sure to check our beginner’s guide to tie-dye.

The patterns are ranked by difficulty. We have taken into consideration the relative difficulty of each one and how much time they take to accomplish. An easy pattern can be completed in as little as 5 minutes, while advanced patterns may require multiple hours of work.

You can compare different variations of the same tie-dye techniques. Find out which ones you like best. I hope you have a good time exploring the world of tie-dye.

Easy Tie-dye Patterns

Easy to replicate without any craft experience. These tie-dye patterns are perfect to get started with. As opposed to painting, sculpting or other fine arts, tie-dye is very forgiving for newcomers. You will amaze yourself on the first try.

There are many folding techniques you can do right now. The beauty is that you don’t need to be perfect. Even a rough approximation of the technique is enough to give you amazing results.

Common folds can be found here, such as the spiral, crumple, and fan fold. Be sure to share you favorite techniques with your friends. We learn quicker when sharing tips together.

– Click a pattern to play instructions –

Single Arm Spiral Tie Dye Pattern

Single Spiral

Two-arms spiral tie-dye pattern

Two-arms Spiral

Rainbow spiral tie dye pattern

Rainbow Spiral

P111 Rainbow Black Accents Shirt

Rainbow Spiral with accents

Pastel Crumple Tie Dye Pattern

Pastel Crumple

Heavy Crumple Tie Dye Pattern

Heavy Crumple

Random Crumple Tie Dye Pattern

Random Crumple

Camo Crumple Tie Dye Pattern

Camo Crumple

Fire Crumple Tie Dye Pattern

Fire Crumple

Slash Crumple

Slash Crumple

Fan Fold Tie Dye Pattern

Side Fan Fold

Top Peacock Tie Dye Pattern

Top Fan Fold

Diagonal Pleat Tie Dye Pattern

Diagonal Pleat

Wedge Tie Dye Pattern


Oasis Tie Dye Pattern


Fireworks Tie Dye Pattern


Eyeball Tie Dye Pattern


Heart Tie Dye Pattern


Snowflake Tie Dye Pattern


Target Tie Dye Pattern


Double-X Tie Dye Pattern

Double X Pattern

Geode Tie Dye Pattern


Straight Pleat Tie Dye Pattern

Straight Pleat

Diamond Tie Dye Pattern


X Tie Dye Pattern

X Pattern

Pyramid Tie Dye Pattern


ZigZag Tie Dye Pattern

Zig Zag

Water Drop Tie Dye Pattern

Water Drop

Intermediate Tie-dye Patterns

You are ready to try new things. Intermediate patterns are next on your list. You will see the same basic folding techniques used. Only this time with complex dyeing patterns. You will see advanced spirals and geometric shapes.

Don’t be afraid to try your hand. Don’t shy away from intimidating designs. Do what pleases you the most and you’ll have a fun time learning.

Skills are transferable from one technique to the other. Most of it is building muscle memory. For now choose the patterns that interest you the most and the rest will follow.

– Click a pattern to play instructions –

Blue Lightning Tie Dye Pattern

Blue Lightning

Skeletal Spiral Tie Dye Pattern

Skeletal Spiral

Spirograph Tie Dye Pattern


Fragmented Spiral Tie Dye Pattern

Fragmented Spiral

Six Colors Rainbow Spiral Tie Dye Pattern

Six Colors Spiral

Criss Cross Tie Dye Pattern


Shifting Spiral Tie Dye Pattern

Shifting Spiral

Reverse Spiral Tie Dye Pattern

Reverse Spiral

Peacock Tie Dye Pattern


Double Peacock Tie Dye Pattern

Double Peacock

Sunflare Tie Dye Pattern


Black Hole Tie Dye Pattern

Black Hole

Chain Links Tie Dye Pattern

Chain Links

Rasta Pleat Tie Dye Pattern

Rasta Pleat

Right Angle Tie Dye Pattern

Right Angle

Fish Scales Tie Dye Pattern

Fish Scales

Geometric Tie Dye Pattern


Kaleidoscope Tie Dye Pattern


Star Mandala Tie Dye Pattern

Star Mandala

Sunshine Mandala Tie Dye Pattern

Sunshine Mandala

Candy Corners Tie Dye Pattern

Candy Corners

Reverse Spine Tie Dye Pattern

Reverse Spine

Rorschach Tie Dye Pattern


Lotus Mandala Tie Dye Pattern

Lotus Mandala

Earth and Sun Tie Dye Pattern

Earth and Sun

Nautilus Tie Dye Pattern


Advanced Tie-dye Patterns

Flex your tie-dye muscles with these impressive techniques. Advanced patterns can be difficult to get on the first few tries. They employ the most advanced folding and dyeing techniques known.

These patterns will help you solidify your understanding of the guiding principles of tie-dye. This is the time for you to try out your own unique ideas. Create some of the most sought-after and expensive items of the craft.

– Click a pattern to play instructions –

Complex Spiral Tie Dye Pattern

Complex Spiral

Mosaic Spiral Tie Dye Pattern

Mosaic Spiral

Winter Wonder Tie Dye Pattern

Winter Wonder

Mindscape Tie Dye Pattern


Diagonal Wig-Wag Tie Dye Pattern

Diagonal Wig-Wag

V Wig-Wag Tie Dye Pattern

V Wig-Wag

Wedge Wig-Wag Tie Dye Pattern

Wedge Wig-Wag

Fan Fold Wig-Wag Tie Dye Pattern

Fan Fold Wig-Wag

Mirror Wig-Wag Tie Dye Pattern

Mirror Wig-Wag

Ripple Pleat Tie Dye Pattern

Ripple Pleat

Ripple Peacock Tie Dye Pattern

Ripple Peacock

Mirror Ripple Tie Dye Pattern

Mirror Ripple

Ripple Fan Fold Tie Dye Pattern

Ripple Fan Fold

Gradient Fan Fold Tie Dye Pattern

Gradient Fan Fold

Rainbow Guitar Tie Dye Pattern

Rainbow Guitar

Mini Geodes Tie Dye Pattern

Mini Geodes

Fun Tie-dye Patterns

These patterns are a lot of fun. They are ideal for learning how the placement of dye affects the final result. Draw any shape you want on a folded shirt and keep your fingers crossed for the reveal.

Tie-dye is all about having fun. Sometimes the process is even more exciting than the result. Make cool patterns like these and you’re sure to amaze your friends and have fun doing it.

– Click a pattern to play instructions –

Mysterious Spiral Tie Dye Pattern

Mysterious Spiral

Happy Tie Dye Pattern


Strange Encounter Tie Dye Pattern

Strange Encounter

Ladybug Tie Dye Pattern


Blooming Tie Dye Pattern


Elements Tie Dye Pattern


Froggy Tie Dye Pattern


Lion Tie Dye Pattern


Mad Cat Tie Dye Pattern

Mad Cat

Squid Tie Dye Pattern


Tiny Shirt Tie Dye Pattern

Tiny Shirt

Mushroom Tie Dye Pattern


Tiger Stripes Tie Dye Pattern

Tiger Stripes

Gift Box Tie Dye Pattern

Gift Box

Rainbow Tie Dye Pattern


Monkey Tie Dye Pattern


Watermelon Tie Dye Pattern


Zig Zag Spiral Tie Dye Pattern

Zig-Zag Spiral

Straight Lines Spiral Tie Dye Pattern

Straight Line Spiral

Fire Tie Dye Pattern


How to use tie-dye patterns

Use the patterns on this page by first learning the basic process. This is easiest done by reading our complete guide to tie-dyeing.

  1. Choose your favorite pattern
  2. Prepare your supplies and work area
  3. Wet, then wring out a cotton shirt
  4. Fold and tie the shirt according to the pattern
  5. Prepare your colors
  6. Apply dye to the fabric according to the pattern
  7. Let the dye react for 8 hours
  8. Rinse out the shirt
  9. Wash your tie-dye shirt

This is where art meets science. Use your own artistic touch to build on the pattern and create something in your own style. No matter how exactly you try, it’s near impossible to 100% recreate a pattern. All tie-dye shirts have a unique fingerprint.

How to design tie-dye shirts

Patterns come in many variations, but something you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. When this happens you may need to improvise. A pattern is the result of folding, tying, and dyeing a shirt. When repeated in the same way they produce a similar result.

First you should practice the basics a bit. Start with basic techniques until you get the hang of it. Start adding small variations to your designs. Compare and contrast your projects. You will soon understand how folding and color placement translates to the end result.

What makes a good tie-dye design?

The attractiveness of a shirt is purely subjective. We each have our own preferences. This is because some styles are contrasting. These are some words that could be used to describe the appearance of a tie-dye shirt:


– Bright
– Bold
– Exciting


– Soft
– Sophisticated
– Calming

If you’re more scientifically inclined you may have an interest for difficult and impressive techniques. Some characteristics you may find appealing in a tie-dye shirt:

  • Color saturation and brightness
  • Technical difficulty
  • Quality of execution

What are tie-dye patterns

Basic patterns are often referred to by the folding technique they use. More complex or hard to describe patterns can be named according to the shape, color, or general appearance of the design.

Designs can be made with or for any shape, size, and arrangement of fabric. They are usually made on shirts or tapestries. Most patterns can be used interchangeably on any blanks.

Tapestries are flat pieces of fabric. It can be considered to be a two-dimensional object for the purpose of folding and dyeing. Garments, on the other hand, are usually three-dimensional objects.

Go further

Tie-dye is still quite new compared to many crafts. It’s still in its infancy in terms of what we’ve discovered so far. There are still many exciting developments to be had. Every year many new techniques are discovered. The evolution is tremendous and the future is exciting.

If you have experience in tie-dye we would love to know about it. Send us a message to share your knowledge of tie-dye with the whole community.

There has never been a better time to learn and share tie-dye. No matter your experience you can help us grow the tie-dye community. Participate in group chat and show us your newest creations.  We are all waiting for passionate people like you.