Tie-dye Techniques and Patterns

Learn how to make all the most popular tie-dye designs. Follow along these easy tutorials and get to create colorful tie-dye garments.

I’ll teach you how to fold, tie, and dye to achieve results you can’t imagine. From stylish and demure looks, to bold and flashy designs.

These instructions with pictures are perfect for beginners to learn the ropes and quickly get better.

Folded shirts featuring a variety of tie-dye folding techniques. A spiral, pleat, crumple, and more, can be seen.

Follow along step-by-step and learn how to bend the fabric to your will and dye it in bursts of colors. You will learn how to scrunch, twist, pleat, and bind as we explore different ways to manipulate fabric.

I’ll also teach you alternative dyeing methods such as reverse-dyeing with bleach and dyeing with ice cubes. Enjoy learning and happy dyeing!

Tied multi geode shirt, before and after it was opened up.

How to Tie-dye a Geode Pattern

The geode technique can help you create all sorts of ring shapes. Like the name indicates, you can make designs that resemble geodes, but you can also make anything from small polka dots to large

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