Top 10 Items You Should Tie-dye Now!

Blank white fabric items hanging on a clothes rack. A shirt, sweatshirt, tapestry, and washcloth can be seen.

There’s so much to do in the world of tie-dye. So many things to dye, and so many colors to use. It’s not always easy to decide what your next project will be. We made this guide to share with you the most fun items to tie-dye.

You are not limited to t-shirts. There’s a whole world of garments to try. We compiled the top 10 items every tie-dye artist should try.

How to Choose What to Tie-dye

Make sure any garment you plan on dyeing is mostly made of cotton. Blends also work, but 100% cotton is better.

If you don’t find something you like, think about someone else who would. If you have kids in your family you can make clothing for them. Kids absolutely love to make tie-dye or receive it as a gift.

Can you Tie-dye Anything?

For the dye there’s no difference between a shirt, socks, or bedding. Cotton, linen, hemp, rayon can all be dyed easily and produce beautiful colors.

Yes, you can tie-dye pretty much anything, granted the fabric is made of cellulose fibers. All clothing types will work. Any shape and size of fabric can be used.

Shirts and tapestries are especially liked by tie-dye artists as they provide the easiest and cheapest way to practice. Other clothing are often reserved for special projects.

Table of Contents

Best Clothing and Items to Tie-dye

1. T-Shirt

The humble t-shirt is the most common item someone will dye. There’s a few reasons why the t-shirt is the blank of choice.

The t-shirt is the number one blank for tie-dye because it is cheap and universal. You can get it anywhere and it can be worn by anyone.

The t-shirt is a staple of tie-dye and is perfect for practicing your art. This garment is favorite amongst novices and experts alike. It’s no wonder that tie-dye shirts are seen much more often than other tie-dye items.

2. Tapestry

A tapestry is a large piece of fabric normally used as a backdrop. They are most often seen at concerts and theaters. They also make amazing decorations for the house.

Tapestries are perfect for showing off your tie-dye skills. There’s nothing more impressive than a large tapestry covering the whole wall.

As a flat piece of fabric, a tapestry is easier to fold than clothing. Tapestries are often made of a single layer of thin, lightweight fabric. Among master tie-dye artists, tapestries are often used to show off intricate designs.

3. Hoodie

The hoodie is the king of comfort. Perfect for winter time comfort. With their thick fabric, hoodies soak up lots of dye and make for colorful creations.

There’s noting better than to cozy up on the couch while wearing a hoodie. A great tie-dye pattern makes it even more comfortable. You can feel happiness and relaxation just by looking at it.

You don’t want to get caught without your tie-dye hoodie on one of those cool nights. A bit more cumbersome to fold and dye, but they are well worth it.

4. Socks

Tie-dye socks are quick and easy to make and are very cheap. They are great as a single piece or to complete a tie-dye ensemble.

Tie-dye socks are the best way to complement your style. They go great with just about anything. Socks are an ideal way to discreetly wear your tie-dye. You can even hide them under a business suit.

Because they are so small, there aren’t as many techniques to use for socks. With their versatility, socks still get a high spot on our list.

5. Sweatpants

Sweatpants are the ideal companion to hoodies. The two of them together can turn a gloomy day into pure bliss.

Tie-dye sweatpants are for ultimate comfort. Their fabric is often thick and heavy which absorbs the dye quite well. Make sure to have them in your wardrobe and prepare for a relaxing day.

Pants are a bit different to fold and dye than tops. Their elongated rectangular shape makes them suitable for some techniques more than others.

6. Bedding

Tie-dye bedding makes for a very interesting bedroom. It instantly becomes the centerpiece. It can elevate the look and transform the room.

You can tie-dye sheets, pillowcases, and even comforters as long as they are made of natural fabric. Make tie-dye bedding and get ready for a deep and rejuvenating sleep.

7. Bath Towel

In seventh position we have the towel. Both bath towels and beach towels make suitable canvases for tie-dye.

Towel fabric is often thick and fluffy. It takes dye really well. The shape lends itself to all techniques. You can have the most flashy towel on the beach or at home.

8. Pajamas

Nice for all ages. Pajamas make you feel like a kid even as a grown up. They go well together with tie-dye bedding.

They also make the perfect gift for kids. Everyone loves a nice set of tie-dye pajamas. The rich colors make you feel nice when going to sleep or just relaxing.

9. Robe

A tie-dye robe is both graceful and beautiful. They come in many shapes and with as many color themes.

You can use a white summer dress as the base for a joyful, sunny design. You can also make a moody blue robe for evenings.

10. Canvas shoes

Did you know that the fabric on canvas shoes can be dyed? It’s true, most of the time the fabric on canvas shoes is made of cotton. 

You can wear tie-dye shoes on their own or with your tie-dye socks. The stiff fabric lends itself to the direct application of dye.

In summary

We have seen that there are many items we can tie-dye. Whether you choose to go for a t-shirt or something more elaborate.

Choose the piece that fits your project best and let your creativity fly. Look for clothes that fit your comfort preference to truly make them your own.