This is Why Tie-dye is so Popular

Person wearing a tie-dye shirt, showing two thumbs up.

Tie-dye is everywhere and for good reason. If you’ve been seeing tie-dye everywhere lately you’re not the only one.

In this post we’ll explore why tie-dye has become so popular and we’ll see what brings people to this style so strongly. Whether you personally partake in it or not, you’ll be able to better understand those who do.

A lot of people wear tie-dye shirts and accessories. This trend is set to increase but why is that the case?

It all starts with the craft itself. More people than ever before are now able to create tie-dye clothing at a very high level and in turn there’s a lot more shirts to go around so it’s easier than ever to find and buy them.

The tie-dye scene has evolved tremendously during the last decades where it stayed lurking in the background.

Techniques and production methods were discovered and new artists slowly made the craft what it is today. Then, all of a sudden, tie-dye clothing was projected on the forefront.

This is the first time in history that tie-dye was shared en mass on social medias and a trope of content creators were seen making it and wearing it.

What we are seeing is a natural progression where we do not need it to combat against repression but we choose to wear it. People just find it fun!

A little bit of color can go a long way to brighten up your day and tie-dye is the best representation of that. It’s often been suggested that people who wear bright and colorful clothes are more joyous and have less social anxiety overall.

It’s a powerful statement to wear vivid colors in public and you’ll find yourself more outgoing as a result.

Tie-dye has suddenly seen a surge in popularity. It was once part of the culture during the 60’s before disappearing from the mainstream.

Its recent resurgence brings a lot of questions. What caused it to come back so suddenly? Why are people seemingly so attracted to it?

The answer to these questions has to do with the advancements we’ve made as a society, especially in terms of connectivity and self-identity.

Who made Tie-dye Famous?

No one person made tie-dye famous. It came about naturally as a result of the counterculture movement of the 60’s. It evolved from a number of ways people used to customize and color their clothes.

Tie-dye made its debut quite recently, in fact it wasn’t until the 1960s that it took roots. A little known fact is that modern dyes played a huge role in making this possible.

Fiber reactive dyes, which we still use today, were first commercially available in the early 1950s, enabling a whole new way to modify and color fabric and clothing. This new dyeing platform made it possible to quickly and easily add color to clothes without specialty equipment.

Advancements in dyeing technology, along with the social upheaval generated by the anti-war sentiment of the time made for the perfect storm. People needed a way to express themselves and tie-dye was just the way to do it.

There’s no way to tell how many people wore tie-dye clothing during this time. Popular musicians and artists at the time such as Jimi Hendrix could be seen wearing tie-dye and other psychedelic clothing, adding to its popularity.

It cannot be argued that tie-dye experienced a lot of fame during the late 60s to early 70s but we would say that it is now more popular than it ever was. It hasn’t lost its message and its appeal. In fact, we would argue that it’s more popular now than ever. It’s never been so relevant as it is today.

We are living at the time in history where we’ve never been more free to express ourselves, so it’s only normal that we seek new and more compelling ways to explore our identity and sense of purpose.

Is Tie-dye Only A Trend?

You can say with confidence that tie-dye is a trend, in fact, it’s one of the biggest trends of 2020. It has suddenly been rediscovered after having been left in the shadows.

Since it’s inception it never really went away, but it’s presence was not felt too strongly either. It’s only in recent years that we’ve seen it put on the front stage, on the catwalk worn by supermodels and on social medias where content creators are having a field day showing their artistic talents to their followers.

It benefited tremendously by being in the limelight, in front of its largest audience to date.

Tie-dye has always been present in the cultural and social fabric of the United States population since its debut in the 60s.

What we are seeing now is much more than that. The movement has now gone worldwide with people from all backgrounds enjoying the craft and its products.

New independents artists are springing up every day, each one with their own contribution to the art. With so many people creating tie-dye clothing and many more on the way, it’s no wonder that we expect this style to only get more popular as time goes on.

Is Tie-dye Going to Fade Away?

No, tie-dye is not a fad, it’s here to stay and is only getting stronger by the day. More people than ever before practice it and wear it and everything points to it only growing bigger as a movement.

Now that everyone can put a name on the face of tie-dye, it’s becoming increasingly easy to talk about it and to share its benefits. Access to quality tie-dye clothing has also never been so easy, with many artists and hobbyists partaking in the craft.

Final Thoughts

This generation’s tie-dye is very different from the last. Not only are the techniques more advanced and intricate than ever, we can now more easily share them with people all around the world.

Tie-dye videos are a recent phenomenon that is sure to take hold and get more popular as time goes on. This is the first time that we have access to the work of dozens of other tie-dye artists which you can find them on social medias.

In the past, we had know the handful of artists who made tie-dye clothing, we had to look for and try to find people that had first-hand experience in the craft.

These people used to be few and far-between. Coupled with the fact that, as a craft, tie-dye as we know it is a very recent phenomenon. A revolution is upon us, a colorful and exciting movement that will forever change the way we express ourselves through fashion.

With tie-dye your style is yours only, unique and fresh, you can look very different from one day to the next. From extravagant to chic and elegant, it only matters what you are and what you want to be. Join us in this movement and help us bring this new freedom to everyone by sharing the word.